Le Macaron: The art not many can master

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about my recipe

Some of my best childhood memories were when I got back home from school. It went something like this: We were dismissed and I bolted to the pick-up area to be greeted by the warmest of hugs from my aunt. Then, she would be driving back and said to me, “Can you guess where I’m taking you today?” And I already knew. Not where exactly, but my little brain imagined it would be France or maybe Syria. So, we arrived home and I skipped all the way to the kitchen to find the little pastry I’ve been salivating for the last 10 minutes. It looked like the Holy Grail to me. I’m pretty sure there was a halo around it.

I’m not a pastry chef or anything like that. I just really love and appreciate a good dessert accompanied with milk or coffee. Either alone or with a friend, my relationship with pastries goes beyond enjoying the initial sweetness. Sometimes I feel that I don’t pay attention to certain pastries and they get jealous. It’s a bit odd to be so deep with the texture and taste of a simple food, but I hope through here I’ll be able to take you along my journey and share my experiences with you.